Meditation – Take a Step Closer to Yourself!

Having struck up in the routine of 9 to 5 for over years now, like many, Zuwi kept on wondering if she could ever seek sometime for herself, in the company of her thoughts and silence for a few minutes. She often got engaged in spiritual acts of prayers but her mind was habituated to wander in the universe and peace never came to her. She had heard and read about the powers of meditation but like many of us, Zuwi relented with her situation and was a bit lazy to get on her heels and experience the magic herself. However, the burden of not being able to move things kept antagonizing her and volume of not doing things she wanted to kept pilling with every passing day.

But a pot can be filled with water only till its capacity, after which it either overflows or breaks. “This is it!” she realised and one fine Sunday morning she shunned her doziness and headed straight to a meditation centre to add her meaning to her life and beyond. Excitement of a new beginning and nervousness of being new to the world of meditation were remarkably seen on Zuwi’s face. When she arrived at the meditation centre the very first things she experienced was a soft sweet fragrance of the burning candles and flowers and a deep calmness in the aura as if peace and tranquillity were conspiring to rejuvenate her mind, body and soul. She was drowned in the stillness and closed her eyes in the surrounding of those gentle flames that were passing the heat to her body which she was about to convert into real energy to heal herself of the trauma, pressures and invectives she suffered all these years.

Zuwi seemed to put in a lot of efforts at first in streamlining her thoughts that kept coming out of nowhere and she felt hard to sit as one of her legs had gone numb, her mind had reached the extreme borders of being flooded with feelings to quit and the body was in utter pain, however it was now or never. Her determination did not let her give up and she continued to sit in that posture with her eyes closed and began to focus on her breath. All the thoughts kept flashing in the background but she was no more bothered and she soon happened to forget about her numb leg. Zuwi had crossed the borders now and had entered into a world where peace was awaiting her. The world looked familiar, maybe her soul was here before it sought a refuge in her body. She was all alone with herself in a complete rhythm and harmony with her breath, remembering her creator and trying to look for him in that dark, passive sensation that her soul felt. She was light and happy and wanted to stay there till eternity.

Soon she saw one of her most desired aims in this worldly life and her mind struggled to get her back but she did not want to return. The power that she was looking for persuaded her to fulfil her goal and gradually her mind and soul were in sync and chose to come back to the world to accomplish what Zuwi was supposed to. She slowly opened her eyes and came to the life which was a beautiful gift bestowed to her – a realisation in a few minutes of her transition during the course of her meditation. Her body was warm and her face was glowing. It was the energy she derived from her practice. That experience did not last for just for a day or two but for many days in a row, Zuwi found herself more relaxed, calm, composed, satisfied, focussed and with herself all the time. Her emotions were directed to the right path and all her activities were translated into meaningful actions. Meditation changed her life!

(Based on true incidents)

If you want to witness miracles in your life, PRACTICE MEDITATION.



A stormy wind hit my boat,
Leaving the voyage wrecked and worn,
The mighty waves were high and large,
That made me swallow some salt; it was a bizarre!
I tumbled upon the sea to gather the ruins I could,
Few I did, rest all seized in the ocean’s bed as it should.
I dived in, layer by layer, the pressure was more and darkness surpassing all measures ,
With breath no longer in my lungs; I strived for more.
A sudden shimmer hazed my view,
A pearl was it resting in an oyster under the blue,
Struck at once by the its glowing hue.
The depths offered me a gift that I thought the waves could.
The salt made its way through my eyes,
That were blurred by the windy skies.

The sea is calm as ever before,
Leaving me in a state to find a meaning and more.
Shall I moan of the wreck suffered, or rejoice the retreat by the depths of azure?

I hope I can ever be sure!

Rise & Roar!

Lady, I know you carry oceans of patience within your soul, your spirit is soaked into the sweetness of love and extending gestures of the heavens. That courageous lioness within you is resting since long. Awaken her before you find yourself lost into the jungle of dominance and abuse. The storms of emotions cannot let you shatter the conviction to troll those sky kissing mountains that are waiting for you to embrace them ever since their existence. Roar and rise with pride!


These clouds that are flying high,
Swirling upwards in the blue sky,
Narrate a fathom tale of joy,
Of astounding beauty for the heavens that glow.

The imperfectly perfect patterns they portray,
Moulding itself to any obstruction in its way,
Picturesquely spotting the entire canvas of blue,
Realising their endless limits are true.

Each one beholds a silver lining,
Of hopes to bring back the hour of shining,
With all the heavy splash they carry to bestow,
Yet so light and easy do they flow.
Conferring  blissful showers on their go.

Upholding the jolts of sparkling thunders,
That who shiver their existence making them wander,
Their clusters are never shaken,
However fragile it seems, their strings are never broken.

Unitedly they embark their never ending journey,
Exhibiting marvels of giving, sharing, loving
With their cheerful moves ever inspiring.