There’s something I’ve started regretting each day…..

There is something I’ve started regretting each day,
loving you or not loving you enough?
I know not.
I know not the end to our beginning
or will there ever be a beginning
or should there ever be an end if at all there’s a beginning!
all I know that there are times
my heart longs for you
and then there are those when it fears being by your side and wishes to hide,
I want stay quite and contemplate
yet at times I snap in neglect
there are a thousand questions
and an endless quest whose answers are buried in my chest
all what is left to do is to take a dip
in self abyss, rise with a pearl and leave the rest.

~ Nazneen ~


The Only Trick is to keep your Head High!

We all are in need of that perfect partner, a soulmate and the one who treats you at his or her best. But the reality is slightly bitter and we got to learn to swallow the facts. Every relation begins with an unnatural attraction that has an urge to know you better and you are diverted from your existing place to a world of flattery, to which you develop a gradual addiction. Targets lost, ambitions vanished! Those magical words and late night talks drive you in some fairy-tale land that is far from reality.


As days pass, we come down to our true selves. Pretense does not have a long life, who so ever owns it. And it is at this point of time you realize being into a mess. The alarm rings not once or twice but many times, but you ignore the wake-up calls, due to your silly emotions or determination of not giving up. I am sorry for being very straight in calling your emotions ‘silly’, but this is what the wondrous realm of love has taught me to be.

So how can you combat and maintain a balance between your overflowing sentiments and picking the right approach? The very first thing you must practice is to cage your emotions in your ribs, because if you happen to reveal a huge portion of this then you shall be led to fall under the category of mentally unstable creatures who are not smart enough to be independent of their beloveds. Degrading ourselves to that level does not really make any sense. It is very well understood and said that compromise, cooperation, understanding, dependability, trustworthiness, respect and similar heavy words are extremely important for a relationship to sustain. This indeed takes an equal amount of effort by the duo and once that happens definitely the world today would not be lesser than a dreamy land housing the tales of Cinderella and the Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately, the curse on the beast of the actuality is far more tenacious and won’t succumb itself to a mere kiss.

The Knight and the Faerie

Moreover, the gist of all problems is that impulsive nature to expect something from someone all the time. It only proves you to be lame and fragile. A major tip of the day to you all is – Familiarity breeds contemplation. The more you divulge and disclose yourself, the more you are a pain in the neck, the more you shall be shunned, the more you shall be compared and the more you shall be put down.

Being honest with your desires, emotions, efforts, care and love are indeed inevitable. However, did it work out well? If yes, then undoubtedly you are one of those luckiest people on earth and keep going that way. For those who have not been that fortunate with honesty, try being dishonest! Don’t get me wrong, all I am saying is try being a lot more practical. Have the guts to respect yourself and to carry a strong mind to reject insolence. Be audacious and be bold! Have the courage to stand alone and prove your worth. In fact why to even prove your worth to anyone? Why limit yourself in achieving just one thing, when you have the whole universe out there?


Compromising with your respect for anything is doing injustice to yourself. It is a cruel and unforgivable act. If you cannot respect yourself no one else will. Live by this fact and learn the art to bid adieu to anyone without lingering over for long if you do not get what you owe. Add meaning to your life as you will not get another. Do not waste it and do not be charmed by the disguise! Live with dignity and with no regrets.


In the shiny background of your eyes,
Golden and brown that were softly lined,
I saw a face smiling at me,
Whose eyes were sparkling in yours,
And when your eyes were filled with water, they moaned.
That reflection shall narrate your state of heart,
Even though you safeguarded your eyes and those beneath your lashes,
That image shall be a part of your eyes for all the coming ages!

Unconditional Love?

Infatuation tuned in attraction,
Attraction led to curiosity,
Curiosity got us closer,
That closeness sparked oneness.
Those feelings sunk into our hearts,
And mesmerised our thoughts profound and deep,
Forgotten was the social retreat.
Gracing our love with gestures so pure,
We belonged to two different worlds,
Did not matter anymore!

Flying time brought chumminess great,
Our intimate souls now unfolded all secrets resting within our breasts.
Acceptance is a question of all time today,
Change is the need of this hour,
Getting us astray!
Ritualistic conditions have plunged into that unconditional bond,
Suffocating every surviving breath O God!
A final choice shall I bestow onto my life,
Unshackling it from the hallucinations to revive.
Alas! One lesson is certainly for sure,
Familiarity leads to contemplation ever more!