This Day

The night longs for more sleep
the day is mildly awake
the tussle between the two
turns my sky black
under whose shadow
two crows cuddle
on the giant peepal
straight in sight
the branches on whose runs
a fluffy squirrel
with a straw of hay
in all her might;
the tingling tunes of the heavy droplets
let loose on the earthen rooftop of my house
mixed with the creaks of crickets
and groans of the toads
brought to a sudden life,
I once danced
splashing all the puddles in my way —
now I watch this Godly scene
from a slight distance
in some dismay
yet when I hear the tiny streams
calling my name,
I, drenched in love
taste the rain.

© Nazneen Kachwala

A Sweet Stranger

Sometimes it takes ages to know someone and at times just a moment is enough.

Bollywood (Often)

Well, in my story this is partially true.

Around a month ago while I was up for a morning walk in the park, I was interrupted to slow down by someone I met for the first time. He walked towards me with a smile, greeted a good morning, gave me a sugar toffee and went on to walk in the opposite direction than mine. After a few minutes, we crossed our paths again and this time he gave me a small piece of coconut that he got as an offering from the nearby temple. I accepted it with a smile of gratitude. Next day I saw him again and he saw me too but he didn’t look at me and I too randomly ignored. Ever since then we kept seeing each other in the park quite often and occasionally exchanged smiles.

Two days ago, I met him again. This time, reading the inscription on my t-shirt he came to me with a broad smiling face and said, “You don’t look weird.” and gave me a small coconut piece. I laughed as I knew what he was talking about and popped the soft chunk into my mouth. When I walked a few steps ahead, again in the other direction than his, I realized that I was fasting that day and wasn’t supposed to have it. Unfortunately, I had to spit it out but could not hold on to my amusement as what just happened was rare. I don’t ever remember myself mistakenly putting anything in my mouth ever since I have been fasting for Ramadan or otherwise.

His charisma was such that I forgot about my Roza. He is a 70-year-young man whose name I know not. I call him a sweet stranger.


Let me dance in the rain of love, poured on the road beneath the rainbow, leading to the garden of Eden, where I shall be offered the fruits whose sweetness will never be denied, and drench my spirit in the spring of delight, wear the  warmth of my beloved all day long, resting in the orchards of enlightenment, my body shall sparkle in the twilight, I shall be neither abandoned nor restricted from the abode where I shall hail till eternity! ~Nazneen Kachwala

What If?

What if
Our planet rotated upside down,
One day I would fly with those cuddly clouds,
The next I would be back on the ground.

What if
My door opened onto a slide made of that colorful rainbow,
That shall take me back and forth to the far end of this universe on a jolly ride,
And bring me back home!

What if
I lived beneath that majestic ocean,
Swirling with the dolphins and lying on the corals,
Like a pretty mermaid surfing the blue!

What if
I were yet a baby, taking a nap on my mother’s lap,
Mesmerized by the world of fairies,
Dreaming of spiraling off to the land with no pap!


Mountains Taught Me the Way of Life!

I had heard it a million times that we need to break the shell and come out to explore the possibilities and discover ourselves to the fullest. But, I was also told an equal number of times to learn from other’s experience as we won’t always get the opportunity to try our hands on all. I too were scared to break the norms but there always had been an inner zest that gave me a positive thrust from within. For months or rather should I say, for years there was the turmoil of thoughts, aspirations, accompanied by self-confinement, emotional blockage, and social barriers. Nonetheless, the spirit of self-finding resting within my chest was now roaring and I had to break the chains. Taking the first few steps was not easy as the impression of those clutches was yet fresh in my mind but I chose not to look back and started with my life’s first ever solo excursion to the Himalayan Mountains at Manali and Rumsu.


The Beams of Sun Enlightening Our Day!


This trekking expedition has not just made me familiar with the roads and popular places in and around the destination but also made me aware of the goodness in people, gave me a sense a realization of how I was told not to trust anyone during the journey by my well-wishers and how those very strangers became my well-wishers who could blindly be trusted during tough times; a bright feeling of acclimatizing myself not just to the surrounding and weather but also to acclimatize myself to the unconditional joy showered by all the beings around me. I suddenly realized that all these years when I was tangled in minting prosperity for myself, I did not ever closely notice a sunrise or a sunset, never did I gaze at the night sky and never had the chilling wind made me shiver with delight. Stepping out of my comfort zone was a pleasure that I shall cherish all my life!


Sterling Wood Forest – 8,000 ft above the sea


My entire journey connected me with the realities of life that all of us undoubtedly face at different phases in our lifetime.  Though we all were a team, yet we all chose to transcend through different paths to reach the same peak 8,000 ft above the sea – the Sterling Wood Forests our final destination. Some routes were short and risky, few were long and easy, some were steep, and others were rocky while some were smooth. Many were taken and many were left untrodden. We all picked our paths independently and kept switching as per our ease and convenience. We challenged ourselves on many occasions and took it easy at times. The best lesson that I learned was that you can slip and injure your elbow even on a smooth path and the rocky roads may lead you safely to your destination!


The Untrodden Paths


It does not matter even if you are late for our journey, it is essential to gather the courage and take the first step and keep moving, be it at a slow pace and some point of time you shall make it to the peak where others shall be waiting to appreciate and applaud you. There have been very few moments in my life where I have experienced a sense of victory that filled my eyes with tears of joy. This expedition has been one of its kinds that brought all my strengths and positive emotions on the surface, withering away all the fears and uncertainties resting in my mind and heart for years!


Sunset from Our Base Camp


(I shall share a brief travelogue describing the places explored, some daily adventure and few do’s and don’ts during the trek in my next post. Keep reading!)

Equality or Double Standards? Make a Choice!

“You are the queen of this house. Take the reins in your hand and rule our kingdom. I shall conquer the outer world and put it on your feet.” said he.

“You’re a chauvinist”, said prompted.

“Oh, no dear! You may step out of our kingdom and conquer all if you please,” he replied.

“You want me to be the Provider”, she alleged.

Although the human history has witnessed the rise of great empires ruled by women yet, the world has also been a spectator of women suppression in various forms. By studying the ancient past, it is seen that whenever a man and woman united to pro-create, the woman has had an upper-hand due to the fact that the man was never bound with the responsibility of raising the offspring whereas, a woman was so408714_origlely accountable in raising them in a way that moulded their characters eventually shaping the future of mankind. Moreover, a woman was then free to procreate with anyone and this ultimately lead to a fierce and an escalated provisional dominance for her. Cleopatra, Olympias, Zenobia, Nefertiti, Lei-Tzu, Artemisia, Boadicea – a few ferocious wonders that the golden time has produced.

In due course, men started using their physical strength to control women that took shape of ugly conquests and subdual, unfortunately, which continue even today. Violence against women became an unspoken norm and women have had an endless battle against it since ages. Even though her struggle is not over yet, luckily, women have come a long way today. There has been a revolutionary transformation in the mentality of people and a widespread global awareness about this issue which is persistent since a long time. People today have risen above the gender bar and are paying utmost heed solely to the human concerns and have abandoned the age old philosophy of overpowering women who today enjoy a strong backinoriginal_185841_8ufY7l11MBIeDaPbnwUFQR_2U1g from the law. Any undesired act against her is severely dealt with in most of the cases, let alone some which are regrettably not, due to any reason. It’s the era of gender peace where equal rights are opportunities are created for all.

Nevertheless, the age-old vehemence against woman has left her paranoid and the feeling of distrust and suspicion are deeply soiled in her mind due to which at times she is seen unprepared to handle specific situations of her life today. Many times, it is also observed that few women misuse their rights and act unlawfully. Such unintentional mishandling or intentional misuse often acts against her regards. This entire episode which is rampant today in our society is giving life to a whole new social issue which we cannot afford to have at this juncture. It is inevitable to take more responsible calls now otherwise our voices shall go unheard and we shall certainly fall prey to the stereotype unreasonable actions letting go all our struggles in vain.

It is the time to act wisely and shun the double standards in the name of equality. It is the hour to reflect on our capabilities, attitude, and conviction and awaken the fearless and the fierce being resting within us in the right way to everyone’s liberation. Let us all walk on the path of progress and create an environment for gender peace and equality; pass this phase of labor and give birth to a new era which is waiting to be born the womb of time.Accomplishing-your-goals