Cuddling the Crescent

As the holy month of Ramdaan comes to an end and we come near to the celebrations of Eid, let us reflect back on the joyous and spiritual time spent and cage it in our hearts until it arrives again!

Sharing with you one of my poems themed on Ramdaan and Eid. Hope you like it!


Being God Like!

Disbelief of miracle, disregard to marvel,

Souls are we, separated from our Guardian.

Sunshine and Rainbows, Blossoms and Bees,

Twinkles and Twilight, Oceans and Canopies,

Endless are His wonders, Endless shall it be,

Innovating curiosity, for every eye to see.

Trust! You are one of these, Peerless, Unparalleled and Unique.

Why stay separated from Your Source?

While like Him, you can be!

Every inch of this universe, He crafted with Love,

Fearless with compassion, Benevolent yet Strong,

Shaping the whole of the cosmos,

Giving is all He knows!

He put a part of His, while moulding every being,

We are here to discover His portion somewhere within our souls

And to be like Him ever more!



Save yourself…Spare the trees!

Every noon when the sun shined bright,
Walking past that lane so quiet,
Where the beams were scattered and the breeze yet cool,
Though the land beyond was burning with fumes!
I wondered how that path was spared,
By the severe strokes bombarded from above in the air?
Strolling on that lane so quiet, where saffron petals were laid beneath my feet so soft,
I thought how this patch was blessed while the others seemed to be under the flames of hell to rot!

I halted and rested under the shadow of that bestower,
Who cared for all who crossed nearby,
Rendered a sweet sleep and a delicate earthy fragrance,
That the wind carried far and wide.
She extended her flowery arms as far as she could,
To pass on the shade onto all those whom she should.

One afternoon while I took brisk steps longing to relax in the Gulmohar’s lap,
I saw a hooligan chopping her floral arms off!
My friend, my saviour looked bent and anytime she could fall.
I rushed and drove that devil away,
Hugged the Gulmohar tight, said I was there.
I got her some water every noon and supported her arms with some strings that I could.
And at no time did she prosper again, escaping her undesired fate.
The mighty Gulmohar yet stands there as a symbol of love, forgiveness and a provider at her best!

The Taste of Failure

​It is bitter, sour, savoury;

Not all can swallow

Some shake, few fall, while others wallow.

All the undertakings assured a concept for sure,

Time bestowed upon us is too little to be ruined in sorrow.
Rise up again and get going on your feet,

For your choices alone are the writers of your destiny.

The bitterness you taste enhances the willingness to crave more, 

You craving will get you a success pie,

The sweetness of which shall delight your buds ever more!

The Window

A wooden cottage on that hill,
Housed a blurry window framed into a soft sling,
Laying there were the beds of flowers,
Covering the entire passage beyond power.
I peeped through the blur
As I watered the seedlings each day,
Nothing more than a black image could my eyes catch.
The figure glanced at me now and then,
Hiding its stance behind those curtain trails.
Days went by and so did the years,
Never did that shadow show up for real.
Every diurnal was same, not different from many gone by,
The curiosity in my breast surpassed all measures,
The grey figure seemed feeble and wrecked more than ever.
That was when I got closer to that hazy window frame;
To inquire the matter,
The slight left me shattered!

Chains and bondages clung to that pretty soul,
I could have come to her rescue some days ago.
Her feet were broken, senses all lost,
What a miserable state it was.

The fragrant roses stood still,
The circumstances were left at ill,
Orchards there though far and wide,
Did no healing,
As neither she could smell the roses, nor could feel the thorns!

My Destiny

I realized that the journey was mine,

Had to take it alone,

Down onto the untaken roads,

Had to troll by my own.

The first step was heavy and so was next,

The norms were not obliged and the universe was filled with rage.

A dark shadow of horror, conspired to overshadow my zeal,

Oh! I was so determined and rebelled to make it kneel.

I walked and ran beyond my strength to get out of its clutches,

To a place that was destined to be mine!

A land of early saps, an earth of those flowery beds,

Into that aura so pure!

My destiny where the sun never fades and the sky does not go grey,

Where the moist velvet which those colours in a butterfly’s wings carry,

Keep tickling me for a laughter in the times so merry!

Was I dreaming or had it come true?

Yes, I was there on the banks of Beas rattling over the white snow!


​ to that hailing rainbow shimmering beyond the blue above,

Surf onto those raising surges of the blue storming around. onto those smooth pebbles floored beneath your feet,

Sing in that sunshine till your heart is pleased.

Laugh..laugh for you are at the shore of joy,

Let the tears be that of none but delight o boy! with all ecstasy, love and glee,

May the showers of blessings are sprinkled forever on thee.

Why do we Dream??

Why do we dream??

Dreams that take us close to our wishes and where our imagination is real, dreams that transcend us to a parallel universe that we love or hate, dreams of the happenings, dreams of the sorrow, dreams of the rising, dreams of the fall, dreams of being a victim or those which awaken us a heroes of our realm, dreams that challenge and the ones that scare, dreams of the lessons, dreams mirroring our mistakes, dreams of the truth and those of falsehood, dreams of the merrytimes, dreams that are freezed, dreams that make us inhale that heavenly breeze, dreams of finding a treasure or being lost on an isle, dreams of the death and that of a growing sapling, dreams of today and that of the unseen, dreams that we remember and those we can’t recall, for few faces that dredge up while others fade in the infinite space of everlasting potential, dreams that repeat and others which don’t!

Why do we dream to land in an arena dissimilar to that we dreamt to be ours forever?


A stormy wind hit my boat,
Leaving the voyage wrecked and worn,
The mighty waves were high and large,
That made me swallow some salt; it was a bizarre!
I tumbled upon the sea to gather the ruins I could,
Few I did, rest all seized in the ocean’s bed as it should.
I dived in, layer by layer, the pressure was more and darkness surpassing all measures ,
With breath no longer in my lungs; I strived for more.
A sudden shimmer hazed my view,
A pearl was it resting in an oyster under the blue,
Struck at once by the its glowing hue.
The depths offered me a gift that I thought the waves could.
The salt made its way through my eyes,
That were blurred by the windy skies.

The sea is calm as ever before,
Leaving me in a state to find a meaning and more.
Shall I moan of the wreck suffered, or rejoice the retreat by the depths of azure?

I hope I can ever be sure!


In the shiny background of your eyes,
Golden and brown that were softly lined,
I saw a face smiling at me,
Whose eyes were sparkling in yours,
And when your eyes were filled with water, they moaned.
That reflection shall narrate your state of heart,
Even though you safeguarded your eyes and those beneath your lashes,
That image shall be a part of your eyes for all the coming ages!