Amidst the fragrant branches
of a lemon tree
artistically entwined
like the artwork
of a passionate poet
trying to bring the world together,
lived two cuckoos
a perfect home
built placing twig after twig
between the earth and the sky
as they sang in harmony
songs divine —
Alas! the turmoil hit one more time
and they watched their little world
crumble before their eyes
the two birds are now refugees
in this ghastly set-up
seeking an asylum or demise.

© Nazneen Kachwala

The Quest

For years I sought peace
in the mountains
in the parks
under trees
on the sands
of river banks
on rocky shores
in the pillow
in books
until I learned
the kind of peace
attained amidst the noise.

© Nazneen Kachwala


The narrow view of the park
the tea stall on the pavement
nearby a scooter parked
all I could see
from the windshield of the car
slipping tighter in his arms
as the sky changed its color
at the wintery morning hour.

© Nazneen Kachwala

Hues of Time

I now have new colors on my walls
that wore the same shade for two decades long
adorned with the sketch drawn by my brother
of a tiny cat with crayons
when he was five
and the lines we marked together
to measure our increasing height
the poster of my first celebrity crush
cupboards covered with stickers of cartoons
collected with bubble gums
the stains of hair dye mother spilled near the mirror
while covering her grey
the chair on which dad sat reading newspaper everyday
the dinning hall where we ended our Ramadan fasts
that room where my grandma breathed her last —
those memories are shielded
under the layers of a fresh shine
gradually tinting to the new hues of time.

© Nazneen Kachwala


She was a kite stuck
in the tall branches
separated from
its guiding string
watching the sky
with a dream
to soar the heights again
taken by the winds
to die and decay —
until she took
a refuge in prayer.

© Nazneen Kachwala

Letting it go…

I clenched onto for long
the moon
that was an illusion
on the shore of
the bleached ocean —
now an inferno
the stars escaped my sky
to a world of peace
in front of my eyes
dry in darkness
seeing it all crumble
yet with a valour
to let it go.

© Nazneen Kachwala