Amidst the fragrant branches
of a lemon tree
artistically entwined
like the artwork
of a passionate poet
trying to bring the world together,
lived two cuckoos
a perfect home
built placing twig after twig
between the earth and the sky
as they sang in harmony
songs divine —
Alas! the turmoil hit one more time
and they watched their little world
crumble before their eyes
the two birds are now refugees
in this ghastly set-up
seeking an asylum or demise.

© Nazneen Kachwala



She was a kite stuck
in the tall branches
separated from
its guiding string
watching the sky
with a dream
to soar the heights again
taken by the winds
to die and decay —
until she took
a refuge in prayer.

© Nazneen Kachwala

Corporate Clowns

Clever heads
cracking screens
displaying Windows locked
all day long
ticking like time bombs
nodding like keyed dolls
with headphones on
never heard the morning songs
the hues of sunset unknown
traveling back and forth
through darkness —
the clowns of corporate.

© Nazneen Kachwala

The Daily View

Every morning when I am on the run
a sight catches my attention
not the blooming flowers
nor the rising sun but
the cows feeding on thrash
bags of plastics, leftovers, pads, nappies thrown all in dozens;
dogs barking over a piece of meat
children looking in there
for the day’s meal
streams from the overhead tanks
running on streets
while a fragile plant nearby dies of heat
the passersby consumed in routine
go blind to the scene
but how can I not see the plight?
for the surroundings speaks of my community.

© Nazneen Kachwala

The Secret Note

He tied a note
at one of the edges
of the loyal wind
that promised
to carry the secret
to his beloved
across the hills;
the buds in slumber
awakened by the
tantalizing breeze
whispered about it
to the bees
that buzzed it out
to the trees
the trees spilled
the unrevealed
in the spring and soon
the entire valley
was singing his poetry;
the jingles of which echoed
in her faraway prairie.

© Nazneen Kachwala