There’s something I’ve started regretting each day…..

There is something I’ve started regretting each day,
loving you or not loving you enough?
I know not.
I know not the end to our beginning
or will there ever be a beginning
or should there ever be an end if at all there’s a beginning!
all I know that there are times
my heart longs for you
and then there are those when it fears being by your side and wishes to hide,
I want stay quite and contemplate
yet at times I snap in neglect
there are a thousand questions
and an endless quest whose answers are buried in my chest
all what is left to do is to take a dip
in self abyss, rise with a pearl and leave the rest.

~ Nazneen ~

In Love With Pain

Yes, I chose the pain that is selfless and keeps me pure, which brings my emotions to make peace with my heart ever more.

I seek the pain which forces a smile on my face soaked in tears and this gesture of my lips that heals the pain in chest of my friend.

I am in love with the pain that penetrates my soul like a sharp spear tearing it apart, yet whispering in my ears not to die, put together the shattered pieces and embrace life one more time!


My Destiny

I realized that the journey was mine,

Had to take it alone,

Down onto the untaken roads,

Had to troll by my own.

The first step was heavy and so was next,

The norms were not obliged and the universe was filled with rage.

A dark shadow of horror, conspired to overshadow my zeal,

Oh! I was so determined and rebelled to make it kneel.

I walked and ran beyond my strength to get out of its clutches,

To a place that was destined to be mine!

A land of early saps, an earth of those flowery beds,

Into that aura so pure!

My destiny where the sun never fades and the sky does not go grey,

Where the moist velvet which those colours in a butterfly’s wings carry,

Keep tickling me for a laughter in the times so merry!

Was I dreaming or had it come true?

Yes, I was there on the banks of Beas rattling over the white snow!


A stormy wind hit my boat,
Leaving the voyage wrecked and worn,
The mighty waves were high and large,
That made me swallow some salt; it was a bizarre!
I tumbled upon the sea to gather the ruins I could,
Few I did, rest all seized in the ocean’s bed as it should.
I dived in, layer by layer, the pressure was more and darkness surpassing all measures ,
With breath no longer in my lungs; I strived for more.
A sudden shimmer hazed my view,
A pearl was it resting in an oyster under the blue,
Struck at once by the its glowing hue.
The depths offered me a gift that I thought the waves could.
The salt made its way through my eyes,
That were blurred by the windy skies.

The sea is calm as ever before,
Leaving me in a state to find a meaning and more.
Shall I moan of the wreck suffered, or rejoice the retreat by the depths of azure?

I hope I can ever be sure!