BFF’s Birthday!!

It’s always special to spend time with your loved ones and it becomes even more special when you get to do that with your best buddy at his birthday. Zuwi was always aware of all the ‘Girly’ stuff done on birthdays and she entered his place with all the preparations in full swing. As she entered she could smell the strong brewing coffee that struck her head at once. “Was it the last night’s hangover that he was trying to get rid off?”, she wondered. Anyways, she walked in carrying a bouquet of roses and a wide smile on her face to wish him a very happy birthday. “Haaapppiieee Birthdayyyy……”. “Oh..I got to hit the gym can you please find my shoes.” he answered. The bouquet was still with Zuwi and she was standing there to look for his shoes confusingly.


“We got to finish up with the cleaning today, the house is a mess”, he added. Yes, surely it was! And that’s something he realises just when Zuwi is around to neat up stuff!  Zuwi never complains. She loves portraying such small gestures for him. As a matter of fact, she is always looking to grab a chance to do his stuff, but she loves to be planned and if her plans don’t fall in place she can really be imprudent at times. But that was a different day and Zuwi was all in control. “Your shoes are there!” Zuwi pointed at place where no one is expected to keep them at.


Zuwi noticed that he was almost infatuated for his new fitness regime and kept concentrating on those few inches that were yet to be converted into muscles. Zuwi knew all that was coming next and she chose to relax on the sofa for a while on that shining Sunday morning after having a frenzied week and there he was with a mop in his hand. “Come on get started!” Zuwi gave him a sharp look, but suddenly she realised that it was img_20161127_114629979.jpghis birthday and obeyed. If it would have not been the very day when this lad was put onto this planet, then Zuwi would have flicked him to get him out of the realm of his imagination! He grabbed his bike and headed straight for a ‘roasting workout’ as he says.

Zuwi in the meanwhile uncluttered his place and got hold of a sports magazine lying somewhere around. In few moments, the doorbell rang and he was there all in sweat, thankfully not in blood and smiling. “It’s my birthday today, what’s the plan?” Finally he realised it!

Zuwi hugged him and shared unspoken wishes!