The Secret Note

He tied a note
at one of the edges
of the loyal wind
that promised
to carry the secret
to his beloved
across the hills;
the buds in slumber
awakened by the
tantalizing breeze
whispered about it
to the bees
that buzzed it out
to the trees
the trees spilled
the unrevealed
in the spring and soon
the entire valley
was singing his poetry;
the jingles of which echoed
in her faraway prairie.

© Nazneen Kachwala


I am not very fond
of the highways
for they take me
and put me in chaos
each day
I want to go
to the prairies, the fields,
discover the hidden caves
and all the mysteries
highways don’t lead me there
but when the sun sets in and
the birds flock back to their nests
my heart longs to reach
the place where the world ends;
making me feel
highways ain’t that bad
for wherever they cannot take me to,
they do take me back home.

© Nazneen Kachwala (29-01-2019)

The Play

I saw a dream
and in my dream
I held a snake
spotted red
on shimmery skin
it felt soft
while in control
gliding over my body
when I let go
setting me cold
its shrunken hiss
echoed in my mind
as lay in oblivion
it clutched me tight
I felt paralyzed
maybe this is it
I realized;
courage then triggered
like an electric shock
I shook my head
it wasn’t the end
I gripped it again
with my eye in its eye
in no time
it slipped out
and slid away;
with my fears
it was a great play.

© Nazneen Kachwala

The Study Table

A vintage memory
a souvenir unsent
the half read letter
from an old friend
a stained coffee mug
by the side of a poem
awaiting its end
the Koran shielded by dust
under a flickering night lamp.

© Nazneen Kachwala

The Newlywed

Covering her head
with a cloak of snow,
blushing as the roses
in the valley
caress her cheeks;
decked with the pearls
of the Goddess Ganga
around her neck
soaked in the mystical scent
of earth so intense;
flaunting the shimmery sand bangles in her wrist,
and stretching her delicate arm
till its tip –
she drapes herself
in the elegant shades of green,
while the chime of her anklets
resonates the sea.
The Gods fall in love again,
beholding her posing graciously
like a newlywed!

© Nazneen Kachwala

The Search

A river once, mistook a lake as an ocean,
lake that was shrinking each day
fed by the river’s water
now thought itself to be an ocean,
when the truth was revealed by the hills
the river crossed the lake
in search of its ocean;
the lake no longer exists.

© Nazneen Kachwala

Setting Free

Like the clouds
conceiving water
to nourish the rain
in its womb
unable to hold
the dark burden
let it loose
to fall and
find a new life;
the same way
I set him free.

© Nazneen Kachwala

Sursagar Says….

I have been a mirror of the city
for over three centuries
reflecting the stars above
forecasting its fate,
my banks carry the aroma
of the streetside delicacies
resonating with laughter
and heartfelt greets
a throbbing Bazar and
the temple of justice
while I meditate in peace;
peace which is shattered when
a mother with her four children,
a father, a friend
many plunge in my waters
to call it an end
and the sacred remains
of Ganesha float on my chest —
Shiva now hails here
to keep an eye
and give me strength.

© Nazneen Kachwala

(Sursagar is a lake in Vadodara, India located in the heart of the city)

My City

There’s a fragrance
of the banyans
of the bygone times
in the air of my city
fortified with four gates
breathing their last
expanding her boundaries
separating it’s people apart
the park, the zoo and the lake
like an old actress
undergo makeover now and then
the construction sites remind
of the sand I carried home
in my socks
at the end of the day’s game
where are the children?
don’t they want to play?
My city once flourished
under the giant like greens
now choked by the traffic
buried under the weight
of the bridges, hoardings and LEDs.

© Nazneen Kachwala