My heart once was booming with joy,
It knew not what pain was
Though caged within my ribs so tight,
It knew not was being chained was.
It pumped all the zeal and fervour,
Circulating the warmth of my beloveds all within my soul.
Radiating the shimmer of that love sparked the universe at large, over one and all.

Why has that glow turned murky,
The retort to which I know not,
Is my heart now aware that it’s a captive,
Shackled within those bare spokes,
Has it now discovered its boundaries?
I hope not!

The limits seen aren’t tangible,
The endless horizon it has reached for real,
Let the jail not hold back your spirits, oh heart!
You alone are the essence for that spur of life in your being,
Forget all the limits!