Why do we Dream??

Why do we dream??

Dreams that take us close to our wishes and where our imagination is real, dreams that transcend us to a parallel universe that we love or hate, dreams of the happenings, dreams of the sorrow, dreams of the rising, dreams of the fall, dreams of being a victim or those which awaken us a heroes of our realm, dreams that challenge and the ones that scare, dreams of the lessons, dreams mirroring our mistakes, dreams of the truth and those of falsehood, dreams of the merrytimes, dreams that are freezed, dreams that make us inhale that heavenly breeze, dreams of finding a treasure or being lost on an isle, dreams of the death and that of a growing sapling, dreams of today and that of the unseen, dreams that we remember and those we can’t recall, for few faces that dredge up while others fade in the infinite space of everlasting potential, dreams that repeat and others which don’t!

Why do we dream to land in an arena dissimilar to that we dreamt to be ours forever?


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