Art on the Streets of India

After visiting the most awaited Global Citizen Festival held at Mumbai this weekend and having had one of the most memorable times of a lifetime, I chose to give a slow start to the next day and to hit back to my hometown as soon as I could. The day before was rocking yet exhaustive. As I was waiting for my bus at the pickup point at Andheri, with the hot sun sucking out the morning breakfast energy and me sipping the Red Bull to supplement it, I saw a lady at the end of the road who was busy doing something interesting. I walked up to her and observed. She gave me a smile and continued doing her part. She was in no mood of being distracted and I chose not to disturb her. In the meanwhile, I saw a few kids on the street running here and there carefree along the roadside, few other kids collecting plastic bags and bottles from surrounding area and heading straight to collect more to earn a living. And two young guys sleeping over a bench. All in all, old lady and kids were waged and the youth was yet to recover from the hangover!


The bus was running late than the scheduled time and things happening around got a hold over me. I could no longer resist to check out the details of the artistic arena. The lady was tactfully weaving the strands of a palm leaf to make a mat. One strand held firmly beneath the other, the course of her action continued and gave shape to a beautifully weaved palm leaf rug.


I went up to the lady and asked her what was she weaving that mat for? Was it for a living? I was curious. “No.” said she. “It is for this temple. She said with a mild smile.” Having said this, she pointed at a small roadside temple.


The woman was happy to serve the one who gave her all the worldly blessings. I asked her name and she mentioned, “I am Laxmi.” Laxmi’s art is invaluable and so is her commitment and enthusiasm towards it. A priceless service, devotion and dedication for the benefactor.

img_20161120_141544431_hdrHer home would be somewhere around at this roadside colony that you can see.

After a brief chat with Laxmi, as I walked towards the bus stop that was some 100 steps away, I met this trio who was relishing their Sunday noon in their own special way which I could not figure out!



They waved at me with full laughter and joy after I clicked them. I soon boarded the bus and made my way for a long never ending journey!

Who I am and Why I’m Here!

I always had a fantasy to become a popular blogger during my teenage. However, back in those times I were more of a nerd and tried not to involving myself into anything else which would divert my focus from building a strong career that ought to render me other worldly satisfaction. As time flew, the road map to a shining career was clear but numerous thoughts and feelings kept on accumulating in my mind and heart which had now started overflowing. These were the thoughts I could neither afford to lose nor were they which I could not store just within me all my life. I had to share! I had to share it all to multiply those amazing realizations, fun, love, gestures and experiences.

So here I am a couple of years later, to bring all the sensations piled up, back to life and share each of these with you. Hope you will love it. 🙂


A stormy wind hit my boat,
Leaving the voyage wrecked and worn,
The mighty waves were high and large,
That made me swallow some salt; it was a bizarre!
I tumbled upon the sea to gather the ruins I could,
Few I did, rest all seized in the ocean’s bed as it should.
I dived in, layer by layer, the pressure was more and darkness surpassing all measures ,
With breath no longer in my lungs; I strived for more.
A sudden shimmer hazed my view,
A pearl was it resting in an oyster under the blue,
Struck at once by the its glowing hue.
The depths offered me a gift that I thought the waves could.
The salt made its way through my eyes,
That were blurred by the windy skies.

The sea is calm as ever before,
Leaving me in a state to find a meaning and more.
Shall I moan of the wreck suffered, or rejoice the retreat by the depths of azure?

I hope I can ever be sure!