The Love Song

I sneaked out of a den,
Fearful and dark
Breathed in the freshness,
Spread wide and far.
Ventured upon those canopies
That were once out of sight,
The haze had now shattered and the peak was clear to my eyes.
Jolted with joy I made a move,
Step by step towards the moon.
I noticed a man on the same path.
Seemed like he waited for someone
Was it for me at that hour?
I walked up to him and asked his name, the path is untrodden what was he doing there?
“I have been traveling since years and have been waiting here for ages”, said he
“In need of a companion that was destined for me.”
I looked in his eyes so pure and deep,
Mine sparked with compassion, so did his.
“This journey is ours and you have waited for long.”
I held his hand in mine and kept walking singing the Love Song!


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