A moment excites me, the other takes me low,
I fly high in the blink of an eye, and the very next am down below.
I surrender to the Almighty’s will very often,
Very often I dream to conquer all with rage,
Years ago, I thought it to be a matter of age.

Transitions with time the mind has undergone,
I yet rest divided; to be grounded or get on my heals to be on a roll.
Thoughts infused deep in my soul,
Disturb and part me from being whole.

I hammered myself a hundred times,
Seeking right steps, for the trodden path,
I discovered two spirits resting in me,
Both trying to separate me 180 degrees apart.

An inner intelligence holds me together,
I bow down to which, now and later.
A spark of hope that enlightens my being,
Someday I shall walk undivided with exuberance and faith, in full swing!


5 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. Must read for all those who have lost trust and hope in their own selves… nicely juxtaposed the inner two opposite beings everyone has…. nice one…. keep it up..


  2. Your description on the roller coaster ride could have been framed with some examples in the life of ours.Instead of putting a figure 180 degs think of replacing with a phrase like wide apart.Somehow it loses the charm of being powerful unlike your earlier stuff.I know you have just jotted down may be in one stroke.Best wish Nazneen. Keep it up.


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