Rise & Roar!

Lady, I know you carry oceans of patience within your soul, your spirit is soaked into the sweetness of love and extending gestures of the heavens. That courageous lioness within you is resting since long. Awaken her before you find yourself lost into the jungle of dominance and abuse. The storms of emotions cannot let you shatter the conviction to troll those sky kissing mountains that are waiting for you to embrace them ever since their existence. Roar and rise with pride!


4 thoughts on “Rise & Roar!

  1. The story:
    The sun rose over Forest lake in a suburb of an Australian city Brisbane.When I was walking around, had a glimpse of a team of ducklings coming out of the water into the bank.Their cute gait attracted me.I advanced to say hello.Then I heard the roar.There was their mother running towards me,charging with a warcry.I fled knowing well she cant harm me.She was too small to attack.But she did.That is the strength of a woman.When it comes to love and affection she sacrifices everything.And that gives her the power.The test of patience is that period of our tenure in her womb.She need not rise.She is omnipresent.It’s only us who need the realization,who need to generate that respect.Let’s arise and awake.A great piece of words Nazneen.Kerp it up.Mohanty.


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