Unconditional Love?

Infatuation tuned in attraction,
Attraction led to curiosity,
Curiosity got us closer,
That closeness sparked oneness.
Those feelings sunk into our hearts,
And mesmerised our thoughts profound and deep,
Forgotten was the social retreat.
Gracing our love with gestures so pure,
We belonged to two different worlds,
Did not matter anymore!

Flying time brought chumminess great,
Our intimate souls now unfolded all secrets resting within our breasts.
Acceptance is a question of all time today,
Change is the need of this hour,
Getting us astray!
Ritualistic conditions have plunged into that unconditional bond,
Suffocating every surviving breath O God!
A final choice shall I bestow onto my life,
Unshackling it from the hallucinations to revive.
Alas! One lesson is certainly for sure,
Familiarity leads to contemplation ever more!


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