Beat the Victory

The long cherished victory,
Shall soon be a history,
The Epic shall fade,
The era shall turn haze,
The heads will roll,
And the time shall be swayed.

Travellers are we,
From this world to the next,
The deeds sowed, shall only rest on the earth,
At its best!

The plant shall flourish wide and green,
With sturdy roots, blossoms shall it breed.
Whose fruits shall be relished by all to come,
The seeds shall multiply, day in and day out,
A heavenly garden shall be,
The planet that we hail and breathe.

Let’s overcome the victory,
Make it not a shady history.
Fuel the fire within,
And enlighten our globe with all purity,
Withering away all the insanity.

That indeed shall be a beacon,
For all human generations residing here with love, hope, peace and brevity!


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