Butterfly’s Blush

Stirring up a moth from its slumber,
Drizzles pour down, as its bed of leaf shudder,
Hesitant to break its stiff crust, puzzled of the colors to come,
Its world was encapsulated under the mantle of armour,
Nature yet, had a different story to favour.
Brave was its move, as it unshackled its being,
Tangled by birth is now free!
Rolling onto the silky lily,
O My! What I see?
Tint of blush, drapes it all over miraculously,
Beauty of a way defined, sways its wings in delight.
Sipping nectar out of every bloom,
Marching in joys of seize less boom,
Its patterns of fate narrate its tale,
I wonder how it would, if it had not shatter its shell.


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