Reflecting Back…..

Reflecting back onto my young days,

A handsome hunk flattered by all, for my grotesque ways,

I swept out when the sun was high, with dozy aura surrounding my den,

With trash soiled deep in my head, aimless chap wholesome with no regret.

Shoulders under burden of a thoughtless brain, rib cage sheltering a dry heart,

Not better than a walking dead.

Seeking pleasures of world, landed onto streets packed with unscrupulous means,

Strolling by the glittering lanes, glimmer of which I could not resist,

Turning blind eventually to spirituality, morals and ethics.

Like a fly drawn to fire, unfamiliar of getting burnt,

Scorched was I into the blaze of alcohol and dreams,

Sure of surviving the ordeal, I went on and on careless of my end to be.

Gambled my existence in the game of poker,

Whimsicality rooted in my faith deep, trying hard for luck approximating a joker.

Eyes never saw miseries; ears never heard cries; hands never bestowed.

What a sigh had it been!

Days, months, decades few by, lost is now all glory of self-esteem,

Old and haggard is time now, lone is the place of dwell,

Screaming in vain, a pitiful body laying onto the death bed,

Pleading Almighty to escape the wrath of Hell!


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