Creator’s Gift to Mankind

The creator’s conceit elevates at its peak,

Human he crafted from the ashes, damp and heat.

Eureka! He gifts him a divine soul, a mate for life,

To partake his journey’s episodes.


Swathed in a glittered petal, a fairy hands it to a father for his heed,

Wrinkled as man grows, distress worn him deep,

Compassion and care devised each streak to heal,

The gift of noble portrays its worth, returning him his lost peace.


A friend forever, guarding against all foes,

In the merry roller-coaster of time, like a warrior she has been.

“Brother!” She calls out at the moment of dusk,

Betraying all promises, being faithful to just one.


Graciously she now is bestowed to another world,

Flamboyant is not she,

Affirming the bond for seven lives to come,

Vows of love, trust and belief,

With her spirits in no apathy.


Transforming into a mortal, with an utterance not easy,

Gracing the humanity beneath her womb, to realize a duty.

An ocean of divinity, pouring showers of her blessings,

“Mother!” She is called by the Angels of Supreme.

“I know not of other skies O Mother!” creation calls out with an ache deep,

“My search for Heaven comes to an end, each time I bow down to touch your feet!”



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