Rival to The Unbeatable!

Twists and curls of human wit mushrooming in magnitude,

A usual affair of era, witnessed in every decade of manhood.

He stroked the stones and lit fire therein,

Then rode a cart and set out on a voyage to orbit the rim.

Excavation made him to explore the substances deep,

Those resting beneath the crust, the sparks from gold and silvery beam,

Forgetting not the hidden glimmer in the chest of a dark coal yield.

Diving in the deep blue sea, he whirled back onto the shore with a pearl from thee.

From towers to domes, from bridges to wings,

He erected all, day by day, by coiling his head furthermore.

This hour he ought to be the absolute, hallucinating around the entire truth.

Comparing himself to the Unparalleled, he gained himself an utter ridicule.


How could he not recall, that a sole lifeless cell he was!

This life was blown in him, to make him observe tiny out of the mighty miracles of that Being.

He was blessed to own earth as his home and bear sky as his canopy,

From the globe of fire to a clear moon,

From the gushing streams to the deep blue pools.

From the lush green valley to the snow clad cliffs,

From the fragrant flowers to the grass standing stiff.

The dense ball bursting, for the dexterous Big Bang to make a way,

From the Mercury to the Pluto, formulating the entire milky-way!

He was there to rejoice these, live in contentment, and appreciate the Almighty.

Instead he plunged into a rivalry with Thee, resisting his soul to accept the peace.

What a saboteur has he been!


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