Breezy space, starry skies, lush green fields

Was a holy night!

Stepped on earth secretly from abode above,

A savior, A Guardian, A Ray to enlighten the road to reside.

Was the King of the kings, yet Gentle and so mild,

Adding Love to the Ten Commandments,

Uplifting His Glory so high!

Gave sight to the blind and dead he brought back to life!

With His order performed miraculous marvels astonishing each eye.

What they saw they didn’t believe, the sounds from Heavens they took as fake!

The King was honored with a crown of thorns; Crucified was he in the name of God.

In spite his Last Words Run a chill in my spin,

“Forgiveness!”  He bestowed over the sinners all the while!

Lessons from this Spirit has the World to Learn and execute,

Forgotten in anguish is His word of Truth,

Leading us to despair in this temporary doom.


Let’s breathe together to awaken the soul of forgiveness within,

End the hassles for fame, ego and materialistic misery resting therein.

Nothing are we to take along from this world of dwell,

Attired in a piece of cloth, will celebrate our birthday to eternity!

Our deeds shall burden our shoulders far and wide,

Feather like will be those with scrupulous feat, rest all pulling their goony feeble and fragile!

From Abraham to Moses, From Christ to Muhammad,

Repeated one phrase in all their figures of speech,

“Praised will be he in his Eternal Journey,

Selfless love and forgiveness who showers on all the Almighty beings!”


3 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Good work nazneen
    U can use hyperbole metonymy litotes pun personification etc to make ur poems more effective
    Ur poems contain transferred epithet repeatedly
    These were my thoughts
    U can handle it in ur way

    Liked by 1 person

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