Butterfly’s Blush

Stirring up a moth from its slumber,
Drizzles pour down, as its bed of leaf shudder,
Hesitant to break its stiff crust, puzzled of the colors to come,
Its world was encapsulated under the mantle of armour,
Nature yet, had a different story to favour.
Brave was its move, as it unshackled its being,
Tangled by birth is now free!
Rolling onto the silky lily,
O My! What I see?
Tint of blush, drapes it all over miraculously,
Beauty of a way defined, sways its wings in delight.
Sipping nectar out of every bloom,
Marching in joys of seize less boom,
Its patterns of fate narrate its tale,
I wonder how it would, if it had not shatter its shell.

Reflecting Back…..

Reflecting back onto my young days,

A handsome hunk flattered by all, for my grotesque ways,

I swept out when the sun was high, with dozy aura surrounding my den,

With trash soiled deep in my head, aimless chap wholesome with no regret.

Shoulders under burden of a thoughtless brain, rib cage sheltering a dry heart,

Not better than a walking dead.

Seeking pleasures of world, landed onto streets packed with unscrupulous means,

Strolling by the glittering lanes, glimmer of which I could not resist,

Turning blind eventually to spirituality, morals and ethics.

Like a fly drawn to fire, unfamiliar of getting burnt,

Scorched was I into the blaze of alcohol and dreams,

Sure of surviving the ordeal, I went on and on careless of my end to be.

Gambled my existence in the game of poker,

Whimsicality rooted in my faith deep, trying hard for luck approximating a joker.

Eyes never saw miseries; ears never heard cries; hands never bestowed.

What a sigh had it been!

Days, months, decades few by, lost is now all glory of self-esteem,

Old and haggard is time now, lone is the place of dwell,

Screaming in vain, a pitiful body laying onto the death bed,

Pleading Almighty to escape the wrath of Hell!

Creator’s Gift to Mankind

The creator’s conceit elevates at its peak,

Human he crafted from the ashes, damp and heat.

Eureka! He gifts him a divine soul, a mate for life,

To partake his journey’s episodes.


Swathed in a glittered petal, a fairy hands it to a father for his heed,

Wrinkled as man grows, distress worn him deep,

Compassion and care devised each streak to heal,

The gift of noble portrays its worth, returning him his lost peace.


A friend forever, guarding against all foes,

In the merry roller-coaster of time, like a warrior she has been.

“Brother!” She calls out at the moment of dusk,

Betraying all promises, being faithful to just one.


Graciously she now is bestowed to another world,

Flamboyant is not she,

Affirming the bond for seven lives to come,

Vows of love, trust and belief,

With her spirits in no apathy.


Transforming into a mortal, with an utterance not easy,

Gracing the humanity beneath her womb, to realize a duty.

An ocean of divinity, pouring showers of her blessings,

“Mother!” She is called by the Angels of Supreme.

“I know not of other skies O Mother!” creation calls out with an ache deep,

“My search for Heaven comes to an end, each time I bow down to touch your feet!”


Rival to The Unbeatable!

Twists and curls of human wit mushrooming in magnitude,

A usual affair of era, witnessed in every decade of manhood.

He stroked the stones and lit fire therein,

Then rode a cart and set out on a voyage to orbit the rim.

Excavation made him to explore the substances deep,

Those resting beneath the crust, the sparks from gold and silvery beam,

Forgetting not the hidden glimmer in the chest of a dark coal yield.

Diving in the deep blue sea, he whirled back onto the shore with a pearl from thee.

From towers to domes, from bridges to wings,

He erected all, day by day, by coiling his head furthermore.

This hour he ought to be the absolute, hallucinating around the entire truth.

Comparing himself to the Unparalleled, he gained himself an utter ridicule.


How could he not recall, that a sole lifeless cell he was!

This life was blown in him, to make him observe tiny out of the mighty miracles of that Being.

He was blessed to own earth as his home and bear sky as his canopy,

From the globe of fire to a clear moon,

From the gushing streams to the deep blue pools.

From the lush green valley to the snow clad cliffs,

From the fragrant flowers to the grass standing stiff.

The dense ball bursting, for the dexterous Big Bang to make a way,

From the Mercury to the Pluto, formulating the entire milky-way!

He was there to rejoice these, live in contentment, and appreciate the Almighty.

Instead he plunged into a rivalry with Thee, resisting his soul to accept the peace.

What a saboteur has he been!


Breezy space, starry skies, lush green fields

Was a holy night!

Stepped on earth secretly from abode above,

A savior, A Guardian, A Ray to enlighten the road to reside.

Was the King of the kings, yet Gentle and so mild,

Adding Love to the Ten Commandments,

Uplifting His Glory so high!

Gave sight to the blind and dead he brought back to life!

With His order performed miraculous marvels astonishing each eye.

What they saw they didn’t believe, the sounds from Heavens they took as fake!

The King was honored with a crown of thorns; Crucified was he in the name of God.

In spite his Last Words Run a chill in my spin,

“Forgiveness!”  He bestowed over the sinners all the while!

Lessons from this Spirit has the World to Learn and execute,

Forgotten in anguish is His word of Truth,

Leading us to despair in this temporary doom.


Let’s breathe together to awaken the soul of forgiveness within,

End the hassles for fame, ego and materialistic misery resting therein.

Nothing are we to take along from this world of dwell,

Attired in a piece of cloth, will celebrate our birthday to eternity!

Our deeds shall burden our shoulders far and wide,

Feather like will be those with scrupulous feat, rest all pulling their goony feeble and fragile!

From Abraham to Moses, From Christ to Muhammad,

Repeated one phrase in all their figures of speech,

“Praised will be he in his Eternal Journey,

Selfless love and forgiveness who showers on all the Almighty beings!”