Let me dance in the rain of love, poured on the road beneath the rainbow, leading to the garden of Eden, where I shall be offered the fruits whose sweetness will never be denied, and drench my spirit in the spring of delight, wear the  warmth of my beloved all day long, resting in the orchards of enlightenment, my body shall sparkle in the twilight, I shall be neither abandoned nor restricted from the abode where I shall hail till eternity! ~Nazneen Kachwala

What Makes Traveling So Important?

We all agree that the modern day lifestyle is traumatic in some way or the other and in long run; it leads to several mental and physical ailments.  It is extremely important to maintain an appropriate work-life balance which in turn makes us appreciate our rigorous chores and releases stress, helping us to go a long way both professionally and personally. So when we talk about maintaining equilibrium, what better can it be than traveling and exploring not just new destinations but new self by taking a break from our high paced lives? The travel industry has witnessed a boom globally in the past few decades and is expanding year by year.

Let us uncover why traveling has become so vital in the recent times:

Connecting to Different People, Experiencing New Cultures and Adapting Globalization

Quite often we anticipate a change in various forms around us and traveling is the best option that delivers right results to our expectancies. It enables us to break our shell and move out of our dens to meet new people and learn about their cultures. It expands our understanding and broadens our perspective towards life, hence, adding more meaning to it. Meeting new people expands our circle and thinking on a wider outlook, it mobilizes the much talked about globalization process and is a food for thought.

Exploring the History and Learning Several Languages

Traveling comes as a boon for all the history lovers who get familiar with the past and other tales associated to the destination. The museums and art galleries showcase profound information about the place that heightens our curiosity to know more. Moreover, traveling enables and empowers us with the know-how of new languages that is otherwise useful for us to connect to anyone or take up any first-hand venture easily.

Prepares Us to Take Challenges and Awakens the Adventurous Being Within

Although traveling has become convenient these days owing to the evolution of the digital world, the practical challenges yet persist. Traveling often molds our minds to take up these encounters in a positive way and find an apt solution to the same. It makes us street-smart. Eventually, the same approach and attitude emerge in our day to day life too. Furthermore, the inquisitiveness that develops during the process ultimately makes us adventure lovers that give an optimistic twist to our lives and the strength to face our fears.

Finding Our True Selves

Traveling breaks the chain of our undesirable mental, physical and emotional habits and helps in regaining enthusiasm in life. It inculcates patience and cultivates the idea of living life more organically. The good and bad experiences while traveling make our brain more flexible to adapt to any situation we face in our lives and eventually helps us finding our actual selves, that is quintessential.

So pack your stuff and get set to discover YOU!

Hope you find this article useful:)

Being God Like!

Disbelief of miracle, disregard to marvel,

Souls are we, separated from our Guardian.

Sunshine and Rainbows, Blossoms and Bees,

Twinkles and Twilight, Oceans and Canopies,

Endless are His wonders, Endless shall it be,

Innovating curiosity, for every eye to see.

Trust! You are one of these, Peerless, Unparalleled and Unique.

Why stay separated from Your Source?

While like Him, you can be!

Every inch of this universe, He crafted with Love,

Fearless with compassion, Benevolent yet Strong,

Shaping the whole of the cosmos,

Giving is all He knows!

He put a part of His, while moulding every being,

We are here to discover His portion somewhere within our souls

And to be like Him ever more!